About Me

I'm a Production Coordinator with experience in TV, Film and Commercials, where I do everything from booking crew and hiring camera kit, to organising castings and sourcing performing dogs. I'm a keen Blogger and occasional Guest Lecturer on the subject of working in the film & TV industry.

Some of my recent broadcast credits include: 

  • Production Coordinator - BBC - Victoria & Albert: The Wedding - Doc-drama
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Ecco Shoes Kids - Online film
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Autotrader New Car - TV commercial
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Mekamon Launch Trailer - Online film
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Barnardo's Spoken Word - Online films
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - PDSA Sign Our Pledge - TV commercial
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - WWE Superstars - Online film
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Vax Blade TV Commercial
  • Production Coordinator - Omni Productions - Vax SlimVac Christmas - Online film
  • Assistant Production Coordinator - Urban Myth Films - Crazy Head - TV drama series
  • Production Secretary - Mammoth Screen - Agatha Raisin - TV drama series  
  • Production Secretary - Clerkenwell Films - The Nightmare Worlds of HG Wells - TV drama series  
  • Production Secretary - MoliFilms - Golden Years - Feature film          
  • Production Runner - Mammoth Screen - Poldark - TV drama series     
  • Camera Trainee - Running Bare Productions - The Mimic - TV drama series

I have a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. I've also taken part in several Film and TV related training courses and talent schemes, including:

The Production Guild's online course in Feature Film Production, which enhanced my knowledge and understanding of the film production process. 

I attended The Network, a unique training and recruitment scheme for individuals who want to work in the Television and Film Industry.  Only 2% of all applicants were selected for this prestigious programme, where was given training by the industry’s experts and attended networking events specifically for delegates of this programme and television professionals. 

I was selected to take part in First Light Screenwriting Lab, a training event run by First Light Movies and The Script Factory. During this event I learnt about script development, low budget film making and about the business of screenwriting. 

Thanks to a scheme by First Light (now Into Film), I was paired with an independent film producer. The idea of this scheme was to match up and coming film makers with industry professionals in order to build a professional relationship. 



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