Guest Lecture at London College of Communication

This week I delivered a guest lecture to students at the London College of Communication, part of London University of the Arts, who are working towards a BA in Film and Television. Over the last few weeks, a number of guest speakers have appeared in front of the students to talk about their experiences in the industry and I was more than happy to be one of them. 

As someone who left university a few years ago and have been working in the industry ever since, I was able to talk about the things I did while studying, post-graduation and in the early days of my career, that have helped me get to where I am now. 

I discussed the production department, elaborating on the different job roles, my personal experiences in this department and what its like working as a Production Coordinator. I also gave an overview of the other key departments and the entry-level roles within each one (based on my previous blog post on this subject). 

Following on from this, I covered my favourite topic... industry-friendly CVs! I gave examples of what I believe makes a strong CV, cover letter and shared interview tips. 

My last topic was how to utilise online resources and social media to promote yourself in the industry. Here I mainly talked about my blog and how having an online presence has helped me come across opportunities that I may not have had before, such as the guest speaking, guest blogging and job opportunities that I've had as a direct result of this very blog.

I was glad to share my experiences with the students and I was impressed by the questions they asked, which demonstrated to me their enthusiasm and passion for the world of film and TV. I'm excited, on behalf of the industry, that we will soon be able to welcome these passionate, creative people after they finish their education as there is (as far as I'm concerned!) plenty of room for talented newcomers.

It was also encouraging to see a diverse group of students. I hope with more opportunities becoming available for young people, female filmmakers and people from BAME communities that the industry will one day be an equal playing ground for everyone.

For me - as someone a few years into their career and as someone who regularly hires Runners - it was inspiring to meet so many enthusiastic students. I hope they enjoyed my talk and that our paths will cross again someday, hopefully on a shoot or in a production meeting! 



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