Arnos Vale Cemetery

Following last week's expedition to an abandoned army base, I felt inspired to following it up with something equally spooky and historic. So this weekend we ventured to Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol's largest and most impressive Victorian grave yard. 

The cemetery was built in 1837 to help ease the overcrowding of inner city churchyards. At the time, it was in the middle of open fields and rolling hills overlooking to smog of Victorian Bristol. Now its location is considered to be a fairly central part of Bristol, with the plot itself neighbouring a TV studio, tattoo shop and Burger King to name just a few.

Arnos Vale Cemetery is definitely worth visiting and its free to enter, however donations are encouraged as maintenance of the site is funded entirely by donations and supporters. There are daily tours, chapels with exhibitions and a cafe / gift shop in addition to the cemetery itself, even though that alone gives you plenty to explore! The graves of 'notable people' from Bristol's past, 600 military graves from soldiers who served in WW2, WW1 and the Crimean War and 25 Grade II listed monuments, to name just a few. 

Here are some photos from our visit.

The Arnos Vale Cemetery website has a wealth information about the heritage and wildlife on site, including information on the monuments and Victorian mourning traditions. For Bristolians, historians and people with an interest in the dark and morbid (surely I'm not the only one?!), it is a must see.

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