Abandoned Building Filming

Last week I had the sudden and pressing urge to make another short film. I made a short films in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and figured it would be a good idea to continue the trend and make a film before 2016 was up. So along with my boyfriend and fellow film enthusiast Joe, we decided to make a really low key, last minute film. 

Joe knew about an old abandoned army base nearby and so I came up with a short, simple idea of a story that would work perfectly in that location. We loaded up our basic camera, lighting and grip kit (along with a few props and extras...) and ventured off to the abandoned site.

Immediately, I was amazed, enthralled and a little spooked. It was a damp, grey day and a fine mist hung in the air. It was the perfect setting for a spooky film (my speciality, of course). Everything about the place was cold and eerie, even I felt a little on edge. At one point a rat ran past us and I'd never jumped so high in my life! 

We had a look around and then set to work setting up and shooting our film. Joe also took a few snaps along the way, which I'll share below.

And here's a couple of less fancy snaps from my Instagram -

We've edited a rough cut of our short film and just have a few more finishing touches to make before we'll be able to share it. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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