Goodbye freelance life...

After four years of working on various TV and film productions, I am now out of the freelance world! It feels like a real commitment - and I suppose that's because it is - but I'm proud to say I'm now nicely settled in a permanent, full time job.

I'm now a Production Coordinator at a production company that creates commercials, digital content, short films and charity awareness videos. I'm working with a great team and really looking forward to learning more about the advertising world, as its something I've not yet had much experience with. 

Things already seem quite difference from the freelance, drama life. To mention just a few...

  • I work normal office hours AND get a lunch break - rare luxuries when working on drama productions!
  • There's a strong team vibe and great company atmosphere - on Fridays we have pastries and a few times a year the whole team take the day off to do an activity together. 
  • I don't have to worry about getting my next job or saving for the quiet months because, obviously, this is permanent and all year around. 
  • I get bank holidays off and a paid holiday allowance!
These may all seem like small things to people who always have had staff employment, but to someone who's been freelance most of their career these are huge benefits. The main thing is I work regular hours and I feel like I have some time in the morning and in the evening to do things for myself, whether that's writing, seeing my friends or exercising. It's made a big difference to my over all well being, as has the comfort and security of having permanent employment. 

Another great thing is I'm now much more involved creatively, which is very important to me. On big drama productions, the job roles are very regimented and production crew have a very specific set of tasks, such as hiring crew, booking equipment, organising travel and accommodation, etc. With my new role I attend concept meetings, assist with script editing, meet clients, organise castings and much more. Overall its a much more varied and interesting job role and one I'm really enjoying.

Working on drama productions has been fun and I've worked with some very talented people. It's taught me a lot about the industry and it's been exciting, in a flying by the seat of your pants kind of way, but now I am ready for a new chapter in my career.

So sayonara freelance drama life, can't say I'll be seeing you any time soon.


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