Writing, Working, Writing, Working...'

Welcome to the July post. It's all been a bit crazy since I posted last. Back then (it feels like waaaay back then), I was just starting my new job and now its almost half way through! Working in Film & TV production can feel like a whirlwind, mostly because the contracts are quite short and you have tonnes of work to get through every day. But hey, I can't complain too much as I'd rather be busy than not!

As well as working my usual 8-8 (9-5's dont exist in my world) I'm trying desperately to squeeze in writing time. Sometimes I get up early and write for an hour, sometimes I write after work, but mostly I make time on weekends. That's when I can clear my mind of what's going on around me and focus purely on creative writing. It's almost like a therapy - afterwards I feel relaxed and accomplished. I'm not sure the writing is any good, but I feel good for doing it.

Since I've kick-started my writing spree I've planned a novel (the one I discussed in my previous post) and so far have written almost 30,000 words. Again - I'm sure the quality is pretty poor, especially as its a first draft, but I enjoy doing it. I've also been researching writing competitions, calls for submissions and anthologies accepting work. I've created a spreadsheet of the briefs that appeal to me and I'm going to try and write a submission for each one. So far I've written a few pieces of flash fiction, a ghostly short story and I'm planning a couple of other ideas.

I've also been reading The Writer's & Artists' Yearbook, which has pages and pages of useful articles and a full listing of magazines, newspapers and agencies that accept submissions. It's a bit of a brick of a book... I'm not surprised its a yearbook - it'll take a year to read!

I'm not expecting much to come of this in terms of success, developing a strong writing style takes time and dedication, but I hope eventually I will have something published. And when I do, I'll be so proud that I might even make it the family Christmas Card!



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