Happy Workplace Tips

As a freelancer, I'm always starting new jobs and therefore meeting new people and joining new work places. It's not always easy, I'm constantly figuring out who's who and trying to find where the loo's are, but there are ways to make it easier. 

I have a few tips for ensuring a happy workplace which are relevant for freelancers/temp workers as well as full time staff. Monday motivation has kicked in and I'd like to share these tips, so here you go!

My happy work place tips!

1. Personalise your work space. 

Surround yourself with things that make you happy or keep you calm. I love blue and green colours (especially pastel shades) so I have a mint green laptop cover, matching keyboard cover and turquoise water bottle that also helps me remember to stay hydrated. I also have a polka dot pencil case and a pig shaped USB humidifier! I take these things with me wherever I work and it makes the desk I've been appointed feel more like my own. 

If you don't work at a desk, then you can adapt this to fit your workplace. If you don't have a desk but you have locker at work, why not personalise it with quotes to keep you motivated?  Maybe you don't have a desk or a locker and you're mobile. How about you stick photos inside your van or car? And create a work playlist to get you going (I highly recommend Dolly Parton's 9 - 5  and Lunch Money Lewis' Bills).

2. Make a little time for fun.
Working a long shift can feel stifling and we all need to take time to refresh our minds. I'm not very good at taking 5 minutes to have a coffee or go for a walk, I can't stop thinking about work and I feel anxious to get back to my desk to carry on. However, if I distract myself with something fun then I'm able to let go for a few minutes.We have a dart board set up in our office at the moment and its brilliant! Whenever I get a quiet moment or feel like I need a few minutes to myself, I'll have a quick go at darts. It's especially therapeutic if you're feeling a bit annoyed and throw the dart full force... safely out the way of everyone else of course!

3. Enjoy the people.
This is so important for both freelancers/temps and full timers. The people make the work! We're all pack animals and we get huge gratification from building friendships and bonding with people. Its an obvious one, but get to know the people you're working with and make a conscious effort to find things you like about them. We all have different likes, dislikes and interests but some things are universal. If I bump into someone in the kitchen and we're both awkwardly waiting for the kettle to boil, I'll bring up something random like - 'If you could pair up with any celebrity during a nuclear apocalypse who would it be? And would you change your answer if it was a zombie apocalypse?' It might seem silly, but hey I am silly! And being silly occasionally shows you're light-hearted and don't take yourself too seriously. Plus we like people who make us laugh.

4. Be mindful and appreciative.
Sometimes I have a bad day and I question why I do what I do. Maybe I've already been in the office for 12 hours and something has just changed and I'm still in the office at 9pm on a Friday night. And I'm far from happy about it. In those moments I let myself be annoyed for a few minutes but then I move on. I consider what I have and how lucky I am. Yes I've been working for 13 hours and I've just missed the dinner reservation I was hoping to make, but I have a job in the TV industry like I always wanted. Yes I might be sat in traffic and someone just cut me up at the roundabout, but at least I can afford a car and I have places to go. Some people aren't so lucky. In times of stress and anger, it's good to be appreciative of your situation. Keep looking on the dark side and you'll end up in a tunnel of despair.

5. Eat well.
Food makes me happy. Whether its a healthy salad at lunch time that makes me feel energised or a naughty chinese takeaway on a Saturday night, I love food. My final tip is quite simply this - have a decent lunch. If you're able to prep something the evening before, well that's great and cost-effective too. If you've got time to go out on your lunch break and can afford to buy lunch, then that's great to and gives you the opportunity to choose something you really fancy. But don't rely on the office bread supply for lunchtime toast or buy the same soggy sandwich every day. Food is fuel and your body needs a varied diet. Mix it up and enjoy what you eat. And treat yourself - the occasional indulgence is encouraged!


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