Happy Birthday Ronda Rousey!

Google has just informed me that today is Ronda Rousey's birthday. The rest of this post doesn't have anything to do with her, but she's awesome so I thought I'd start by wishing her a happy birthday... so happy birthday Ronda, you badass boss lady!

(I know that was random but there's always time to appreciate an awesome woman.)

Back to my blog! Hello and happy 2016. I can't believe we're already a month in! I need to stop writing emails to people starting with 'happy new year', as I guess its not so new anymore. I spent the first two weeks of the year in Mexico, which was amazing. I visited Coba and climbed an ancient Mayan Temple, swam in the sea with wild turtles and zip lined over the Mexican jungle.

Since being back home I've basically been organising my life. Some boring stuff (check up at the dentist, sorting clothes to donate to charity, etc) and some more interesting. I've signed up to an online course in Feature Filmmaking by The Production Guild, the UK's most prestigious organisation for Film and TV production professionals. Hopefully this will refresh the things I already know about working in the industry and teach me a few new things too. I've also decided to put more focus back onto scriptwriting, as I've hardly written anything (including blog posts!) in the last year or so. I've been so busy working that I forgot to make time for the creative things I enjoy and now I really miss it. I've already got a couple of ideas ticking over in my brain, so I'm going to start researching and planning them properly. Then, depending on how those ideas develop, I might submit them to writing competitions, use one for my next short film project or ask people for feedback on them and potentially send them to production companies to read. We'll have to wait and see!

I'm definitely going to make the most of this time off, because I know as soon as I get my next production job I'll be busy as ever. And when that time comes I'm not going to let go of my writing again... I'm just going to have to get better at time management!


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