It's time to revive this blog!

I feel as though I owe my blog an apology. I’m not going to directly apologise to my blog because that would be weird, but I am very sorry for the infrequent, decreasing number of posts! 

When I was at university I was much better at finding the time the write my blog posts and since I’ve been working full time, I find myself rather sparse on spare time. I’m going to stop apologizing now and set myself the goal of posting more often. Let’s see if I can share some interesting tit bits now I’m a fully fledged member of the TV industry… ha!

Let's start with a little information on my recent jobs. The beginning of this year was spent working on Golden Years, an indie feature film by Molifilms starring Bernard Hill, Virginnia McKenna and Una Stubbs (Aunt Sally!). This was my second time working on an indie feature film and it was a really interesting job to work on. We had a great and very recognisable cast and a funny script about OAP bank robbers... its a better concept than its sounds, I promise!

After that I temporarily relocated to the big smoke to work on The Nightmare World of HG Wells, a series for by Clerkenwell Films based on the short stories of HG Wells. I loved the scripts which were adapted by the very talented Graham Duff and this was my second book adaptation job (the first being Poldark). I find book adaptations super interesting; its great seeing a story come to life in front of you. The casting and set design are two of my favourite things to see unfurl. On this job I got to work with the legend that is Sir Michael Gambon, so that was a casting choice I was particularly chuffed about! 

Currently I'm working on Agatha Raisin, another book adaptation series! Based on the books by M.C.Beaton and produced by Mammoth Screen, the Agatha Raisin series will air on Sky One some time next year. It stars Ashley Jensen as the shows name sake and is set in the Wiltshire countryside. 

I've got a few more weeks on this and then that'll be it for the rest of the year. I'm looking forward to some time off in December and January, that's for sure!


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