Aerona - My second independent short film

I’ve written and produced my second short film titled ‘Aerona’. It’s a 6 minute psychological thriller which is currently in post-production. Once complete it will be submitted to short film festivals and later uploaded to YouTube.

My inspiration was to write a script where the monster was female and not a stereotypical “problem woman” as is common in many horrors and thrillers.

The types of stereotypes I wanted to avoid included:
-       The overbearing, deranged mother (Friday the 13th, Mama)

-       The wife who plots to kill husband (To Die For, Body Heat)

-       The uncontrollable and mentally unstable loner (Misery, Carrie)

-       The crazy young woman whose jealously leads her to ruin other people’s lives (Single White Female, Fatal Attraction)

-       The rape victim who seeks her attackers (I Spit On Your Grave, Freeze Me)
These character types are common and appear over and over again in horror and thriller films. I wanted to create a female antagonist who wasn’t emotionally unstable, a victim of abuse or on a revenge mission. I wanted someone who was intelligent, calm and chillingly collected. She would have no excuses for her actions and simply be a psychopath.
There are many examples in Film and TV of this kind of character in male form; Dexter and American Psycho are two obvious examples, but when it comes to female killers they are usually irrational and exaggerated. My aim was to create a character that would encompass the traits of a psychopathic monster but without the emotional instabilities and weaknesses portrayed in female roles.
It was this idea that led to Aerona’s creation. While working on the script I grew attached to my protagonist and knew it would be a difficult choice choosing the right actress. I had theories on the exact way she would carry herself, how she would look at men and even the manner in which she would apply her makeup. In the end I decided that no-one would understand the character as well as I would and so after a discussion with the production team I took on the role myself. I know, “write the theme tune, sing the theme tune...” but what can I say? She was my Frankenstein and I wanted to bring her to life.
As before, this short film wouldn’t have been possible without a hard-working and dedicated cast and crew. An enormous thank you is owed to all involved for making my vision a reality.In case you’re interested in finding out about those who took part, I’ve listed the credits below. They’re all very talented and Google-able!

Writer & Producer - Danielle Louise Johns

Director - Richard Whittaker

Director of Photography & Grading - Katie Mayhew

Associate Producer - Alex Davies-Walsh

Camera - Niall Newport & Sam Hopes

Production Sound - Dale Hudson

Production Assistant - Kat Rogers

Make Up - Kate Austin

Project Manager - Natalie Forster

Offline Editor - Laia Nibuo

Music - Eduardo VC

Post-Production Sound - Rich Caola

Script Editor - Thomas Hall


Aerona - Danielle Louise Johns

Rob - Chris Farish

Barman - Fred Arnot

Supporting Artists :

Abbey Henley

Maciej Modzelewski

Sally Vicary

Jonathon Cox

Pamela Wade

Tereza Ritterova

Linda Engel

Special Thanks:

Gina Fucci

Jeanne Thompson

Molly King

Richard Hawkes

Guillermo Armero de la Pena

Phil Mead

Shelley Stott

Adam Palmer

Sarah Titcombe

Haus Bar

Copyright © 2013 Danielle Louise Johns


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