Guest Lecture at Bath Spa University

This week I visited Bath Spa University and was a guest speaker at one of second year creative writing lectures. I prepared a presentation about my time at Bath Spa and my career since graduation. I reflected on how my time at university, including the modules I studied and my extra-curricular activities, benefited my current employment and the shape my career path has taken. I discussed the things I did post-graduation; such as taking part in The Network, Second Light Screenwriting Lab and writing and producing my own short films. I also talked about my work in the Film & TV industry and what I do on a daily basis in my job role. I then took questions from the students.

Overall this was a great experience and one I hope to repeat in the future. I was lucky enough to have a lecture hall full of students whom seemed interested in what I had to say and who asked plenty of questions. I even had one student approach me after my talk and ask for my contact details so she could ask me for advice in the future.

Talking about my life post-university has made me realise how fortunate I’ve been in the early stages of my career. I’m truly grateful to all the people who have helped me on my journey, from those who have given me employment to those who’ve helped make my short films. Not to forget those who’ve given me advice and encouragement. I hope in the future I’ll be in a position to return the favour.


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