The Louisiana has an old and dark history, full of secrets and death. One morning a young cleaner finds herself trapped in the cellar. Soon the mysteries surrounding this ancient building start to reveal themselves.
Charlie Marshall as 'John'.
I’ve written and produced my first independent short film, which is a supernatural horror titled ‘Cellar’. I can now reveal all and we are in the post-production stage and everything is finalised!

I decided to produce a short film after attending Second Light Screenwriting Lab in Liverpool. During this event, we discussed low budget film making and also the careers of three guest speakers; two of which started off by producing their own films which was their first step in the film making and screenwriting ladder. They felt it would be hard to be taken seriously by professional filmmakers if they were unpublished, but then questioned how someone can get published without already being deemed a‘professional’ or by having an agent. So they made their own films, which then fortunately led to gaining funding for more films, scripts being bought and agents taking them on their books.

I then decided that if it worked for them, maybe it could work for me. Either way, it was at least worth a try. I also thought that seeing as I’d produced two student films, I’d be able to produce an independent film. So, I wrote a short script based on true events and people and set in The Louisiana. I then started getting in touch with people I’ve previously worked with or met through Bath Spa University, The Network and Second Light Screenwriting Lab. Before I knew it I had a crew and we were holding a casting.
The film is produced on a no-budget scale and I’ve been very lucky to have begged, borrow and blagged almost everything. Bath Spa University kindly lent me some of their filming equipment, The Louisiana allowed me to film throughout the venue and the cast and crew are voluntary film makers.

Cellar will be shown in Bristol at the end of January and throughout February at several intimate screenings (20 seats per viewing!). I’m looking forward to showcasing eveyone’s hard work and efforts and I hope the audiences enjoy the experience. After this, I’ll upload the film on to YouTube where hopefully lots of people will watch and enjoy.
I hope that by making this film I may stand a better chance at proving myself to be a serious screenwriter and film maker. Perhaps this will also be beneficial when I apply to study a Masters Degree or for a Film Agent. It may even lead to me working on more films and gaining funding for future projects. I also hope that my cast and crew will benefit from this and that it will add to their CVs, show reels and film making experience. Speaking of which, I couldn’t have done this without my amazing cast and crew who have all been a pleasure to work with.

So a huge thank you goes to…

Director – Richard Whittaker
Director of Photography - Nathan George Burgess Russ
Production Co-Ordinator – Danielle Tara Topaz
Sound – Fred Arnot
Camera Assistant - Leo Element
Script Supervisor – James Staunton
Runner – Chloe Ellen Mills
On line Editor – Kelsey Fox
Make up – Jessica Louise Mills
Costume – Alexia Longman
Casting Director – Harriet Long
Production Photographer – Dorothy Allen
CAST (In order of appearance):
Narrator – Nick Johns
Louise – Alice Payne
Diane- Sally Vicary
Sarah – Mia Schillace - Gristwood
John – Charlie Marshall
Hangman – Maciek Modzelewski
Priest – Fred Arnot
Thanks also to The Louisiana, Bath Spa University, Bristol Film Office and Mike Jonhston for all their help and support.
Over-all this has been a fantastic learning curve and has taught me lots of things about writing and producing that you can only learn on set, and not from a class room or book.

Thanks for reading and maybe I’ll see you at the screening early next year. If not, keep an eye out on YouTube. Who knows, you might even like to film!
You can also keep up to date with Cellar on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. That's amazing! I'm going to try and shoot my own first short film this year as well. I also want to try and start a webseries too - though that's a slightly different challenge! Any advice?

  2. Thanks very much, if you'd like to talk about short films I'd be happy to. If you have any questions please email cellarshortfilm@hotmail.co.uk Good luck!


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