The Network Live!

In August, I took part in The Network, the UK’s most prestigious Television Training and Recruitment event. On the second to last day, we had just a few hours to write, produce and rehearse a live show which would be recorded the following lunchtime.

For this live event, I was given the roles of Script Writer and Floor Manager. It was my job to write the script, create a story line and make sure we included every part of the story and made it flow. I was then in charge of the floor, making sure the presenter and contributors knew what they were doing and were in the correct place, listening to the director and VT operator via the head phones to take instructions and generally ensuring things ran smoothly.

Here’s the live show we produced in just a few hours; The Network Live, presented by CBBC Newsround and BBC Sport Presenter Ore Oduba.


  1. Cool! I am applying for The Network this year. Is it worth trying for it? Any hints for applying? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely! It's the best TV talent scheme by far. Don't be disheartened if you don't get a place the first time, I got a place on my second year of applying. Just be true to yourself with your ideas of the application, I think they like people who are opinionated and have specific areas of interest. Good luck!


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