Second Light Screenwriting Lab

In September I was selected to take part in Second LightScreenwriting Lab, a training scheme for young screenwriters ran by FirstLights Movies and The Script Factory. This took place over one week in Liverpool and was a fantastic resource for gaining an in-depth knowledge of screenwriting.

The Lab focused on several key areas of script writing including;

  • The art of Story Telling
  • Scene Structure and Success
  • The Creation of Great Characters
  • The Business of Screenwriting
  • Script Development and Story Consultation
  • Low Budget Film Making
  • What a screenwriter must be

During Second Light Screenwriting Lab we were also given talks by working screenwriters such as Frank Cottell-Boyce, Martin Wallace and Nick Whitfield. These professional script writers shared with us their stories about how they got into the business, what they had to do to get there and what it is like working as a screenwriter.
As well as this we were given the opportunity to pitch our own individual film ideas and receive feedback from staff from First Light Movies and The Script Factory. This was a great moment and one from which I received positive and useful feedback.  

We were also encouraged to create a one year writing plan and to stick to it. One of the key lessons from this event was that a screenwriter must be determined, resilient and must never give up. The idea of writing a one year plan is to physically see your goals and make a promise to yourself to achieve them. I’ve since created a three month plan (up until December 2012) and a one year plan (January 2013 – 2014). On here I’ve included goals which I think are achievable and will aid my career in film and television.

People who took part in this event are also eligible to apply for an industry mentor through First Light Movies. This means an industry professional, such as a screenwriter, producer or agent, will be allocated to you and will be there to personally advise, help and meet up with you for the next year in order to benefit your career. I’ve applied for an industry mentor and can’t wait to hear back if I’ve been chosen.    

Following Second Light Screenwriting Lab, I’ve realise that screenwriting, although incredibly difficult, isn’t impossible and it is worth putting everything you’ve got into trying. The lab helped bridge the gap between script writing and the business of film and I now have a good idea of the early steps to take in my career. This was truly a fantastic training scheme and I’m very grateful to have been chosen. It has helped cement my career ambitions and shown me how to work towards achieving them.


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