I have some news, in my opinion, pretty big news.

After weeks of planning, discussing, thinking over, organising, considering, emailing, pondering, imagining, Skype-ing... it’s official.
I’m writing and producing my first independent short film!

My ambition is to be a screenwriter and recently it dawned on me; if no-one has seen my work how will they know if I’m any good? It’s fair enough that an agent or producer isn’t going to snap you up on the back of nothing. So hopefully my short film Cellar will be my calling card in the business and will show people that my writing and I are worth a shot.
I don’t watch to give too much away but here you go...

Louise is a misfortunate 23 year old, who works two part time jobs to keep her family afloat. One morning she finds herself working alone at The Louisiana, where she’s been left to clean the pub by herself. An annoying task but one Louise must get on with, she quickly gets to work. She enters the cellar, a dark and decrepit part of the building, hardly used but for storing furniture and cleaning supplies. Suddenly, the door slams behind her and Louise finds herself trapped in the cold and gloomy room. Once used as a holding room for prisoners awaiting hanging, the cellar is full of dark shadows and memories. As Louise tries desperately to find her way out, the mysterious surrounding The Louisiana start to reveal themselves.

The film will be shot and edited in December and I’m planning to show the film at a venue in Bristol in January.
So far I have a fantastic team consisting of Director, Director of Photography, Cameraman, Production Co-Coordinator, Casting Director, Editor, SFX  Editor, Runner and Make Up Artist.

I’m still looking for a sound/Boom Operator if anyone is interested.
I’ve also had a lot of help and advice from friends from various companies and organisations, so thank you to you all.

Next week we are holding the casting and I can’t wait. We’ve already had lots of interest so it will be great to meet everyone who’s interested in taking part. I’m also looking forward to choosing our actors and then I’ll finally be able to ‘see’ the characters I’ve created.
And don’t worry; I’ll be sure to keep you updated on Cellar’s progress.


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