Dissertation & Graduation.


This week I found out that my Dissertation Enterprise Project, The Creative Writing Workshop, was graded at 83% which is a First! I’m ecstatic as I not only did I work extremely hard, putting in a lot of thought, research, effort and time, but I also really enjoyed it. The Creative Writing Workshop was essentially my teaching Creative Writing to Primary School children, creating an Anthology of their work, selling the anthology and creating a business plan to assist the future success of my project should I decide to set it up as an actual business. I also included a Promotion Pack which could be sent to schools, workplaces and other organisations explaining my project and the services I offer.

My final hand in included evidence of all those things, plus my research into education and the teaching of Creative Writing, my plans and thought processes into the project itself and each individual lesson, highly complementary feedback from the pupils, teachers and parents and all the release forms and legal aspects I needed for my project.
I presented my dissertation in two ring binders and a presentation box, personalised and created by Hobbs Reprographics using The Creative Writing Workshop logo by Jamayel Ahmed. The folders, presentation box and logo were key in making my project look professional, original and creative.

I found this to be a great experience; I was passionate about my idea from the beginning and I really enjoyed working independently. At the beginning of this academic year we were told The Enterprise Project could be anything from putting on a play, setting up a charity or business or an Literary installation; as long as it was relevant and beneficial to the study of English Literature. To have come up with my project from scratch and to be highly rewarded for it with First grade is fantastic and I’m really proud of this achievement.


Today I found out my over-all grade for my entire degree.
I received the following message:
“You have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and English Literature. Classification: 2.1.”
After three years of hard work and dedication, I now know I’ve earned my 2.1 Honours Degree! It’s been a brilliant three years and I’ve loved every moment. I love education and learning, but the friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had have been equally as memorable and life-changing. I’ll take so many great memories away with me and I’m glad my commitment to my studies has paid off in my Dissertation and in my over-all grade of a 2.1
My gown has been ordered, my scholar’s cap is on its way; now all there is left to do is celebrate and accept my degree certificate during my Graduation ceremony on the 20th of July.


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