New Strings To The Bow.

Apologies for the recent neglect, but I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks!

I’ve been writing, drafting and editing all my final essays and also my dissertation project. I’ve also been modelling for MangoPhotography every Monday during their intensive photographic courses. As well as this I’ve been working part time at the Louisiana, one of Bristol’s most popular music venues.
To add a couple of new strings to my bow, I’ve also started tutoring in English and Creative Writing. At the moment I have a couple of students whom I tutor weekly, and I’ve really been enjoying it. This came about as part of my Creative Writing Workshop project, where I taught year six pupils Creative Writing. I had a great time teaching and so I decided to start tutoring one on one, and it’s been going really well. The school where I ran my Creative writing project liked my work so much that they’ve organised a CRB check for me, so that I’ll be able to run my Creative Writing workshop there regularly. Once I have my CRB check I’ll also be able to advertise as an English tutor and to try to expand my project into other schools around Bristol. At the moment I’m working on a business plan, which will help me organise my project and get if off the ground. I’d love to take my project into several schools in Bristol, and who knows maybe the states. I think they might like a British Creative Writing and English teacher, although I’ll have to study my American spellings! (Color, airplane, also what on earth is a fanny pack?!)
I’ve also just become a ‘Heart Angel’ for Heart FM Bristol, part of the Global Radio Corporation. For this job role I’m expected to promote the Heart brand at all sorts of events, from festivals and picnics in the park to competitions and giving out prizes and free Heart branded items. I’ve only had a couple of shifts so far but it’s been really fun. The team of around 25/30 Heart Angels are all lovely and Heart FM is an amazing company to be part of. I can’t wait for the summer, when I’ll be sent to lots of festivals and activities around the South West promoting my favourite radio station and having a really good time. Next week I’m even getting trained in face painting, how cool is that!
For now I have to get back to writing my dissertation, which is due in on the 18th of May. After that I’m having a well deserved holiday, my university’s Summer Ball, graduation and my 21st birthday. Then it’s time to put all my hard work and preparation into action by, gulp, working full time!


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