2012 is quickly approaching and with it my move into adulthood...

I know that often people like to cling on to the few last moments of Christmas, but all I can think about is 2012. Not that I didn’t have a wonderful Christmas, and hope you did too, its just that I have a hell of a lot coming up next year and I’m itching to get on with it.
In January I begin my dissertation project which comprises of my teaching year six children creative writing and then editing, designing and publishing an anthology of their work. I’m doing this instead of the traditional dissertation essay and I’ll also create a business plan detailing on how I can continue my project in the future. I’ve been researching all sorts of creative writing games and exercises, as well as reading up on primary school education and pedagogy. The next step is creating my lesson plans and then, in two weeks time, running the actual workshop. I’ll be teaching two groups of year six children once a week for four weeks, and although I’m nervous to experience my first try at teaching I’m also very excited. Hopefully, the children will enjoy the workshop, learn from it and ideally continue writing creatively in the future.
Skipping a few months ahead, I graduate from Bath Spa University in July. It will then be time to face the big wide world and start earning myself a livin’! The prospect of finishing my studies (for now, although an MA in script writing may be on the cards in the future) is an emotional one. I’ve always loved learning, and although I’m sure that post-graduation will be a huge learning curve, I can’t help but feel sort of sad to know that I won’t be going to classes, discussing ideas with my tutors or planning and completing assessments. Does that make me a complete nerd? If so, then I’m a nerd and proud.
The week after graduation I ‘officially’ become an adult by turning 21. From then on I’ll be able to do all those other grown up things I couldn’t do before, like drink alcohol in America (anyone fancy a trip to NYC?). This will be a week of celebrations, for both graduation and my birthday, and I cannot wait! I have a few ideas in mind for my birthday, such as a burlesque party with my girlfriends and a circus themed night out, where I will of course be the ringleader! Around this time I also hope to do a little travelling; I’ll be off to Edinburgh and Glasgow for a weekend, Kavos for a week with my girlfriends, somewhere Mediterranean with my boyfriend and hopefully a couple of stops in London for a few cheeky auditions and castings. I think it’s fair to say I deserve a little fun and frolics after two decades of constant education.
When I return I’ll get back to focusing on my career by pursuing my own freelance projects as well as applying for other jobs. I have several areas of interest, including copy writing, script writing, film producing, acting, modelling and journalism. I’ll be casting my net wide, but I also have an understanding of my own niche skills. For example, if I found a job in copy writing I’d love for it to be in the entertainment industry, whether it be for film company, publisher, or a theatre. I’m interested to see where I can get working on my own projects and how successful they’ll be. If my Creative Writing Workshop goes well then I may continue you that by pitching to other schools and adult learning centres. I also have a few other ideas but those for now I’m afraid will be kept under wraps!
Right now I’m focusing on the last few yards of my BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, organising my own Creative Writing Workshop, working on a part-time freelance basis as a model, actress and writer and working my regular part time job at one of Bristol’s most popular music venues. There’s nothing like being busy and enjoying what you do; I just hope that this will continue throughout 2012.
Wishing you all a happy new year, full of fun and success,


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