Short film, short film, short film.

Ok I’m supposed to be writing my final blog post on my academic film blog, but then I saw this and was too excited! The second short film I’ve produced is on YouTube as well as two versions of my short film script Breakdown.

I’m pleased with the final edit of Silent Disco, we had a lot of fun on set and I dont think its too bad for a second attempt at film making.... Here it is.

Deaf student Hannah finds it hard to get what she wants. Or does she?


In January I wrote a script called Breakdown and I mentioned in a previous post that it was being produced by other students on my course. It was in fact produced by two different production teams! I was really looking forward to seeing how other people would interpret my work and now I have two examples of this. I think both teams did a great job of adapting my script (you can read my original script of my script writing page), casting and choosing locations. So here's two versions of my original script, Breakdown.

One person's perfect day is another person's nightmare. Will the best man make it to his brother's wedding on time or will it all go up in flames...

There you have it, the second short film I've produced and two short films based on my screenplay.

To watch the first short film I produced follow this link.


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