It’s finally Spring! Sort of.

It seems that the Winter months are finally behind us. The Sun is out, it may be 5 degrees but the sun is shining! To celebrate this Spring awakening I’ve just purchased a pair of pale pink skinny jeans... fashion forward or faux par? You can decide, but they put me in a good mood and if I look like a skinny Easter Egg, then that’s fine by me!
This last week has been filled with filming, cameras and sound equipment. I have just produced my second film Silent Disco and we shot the whole thing last week. I think it went well, we all had a really good time on set and our actors were brilliant. I always feel a little nervous relying on other people to complete my work; I’m organised and I like to stick to schedules... but the cast were fantastic, always on time at the right place, bringing with them tons of enthusiasm. So a massive thanks to the cast and my lovely crew. Silent Disco will be playing at The Little Theatre, Bath in a month or so. There will be other films playing which were made by my fellow students and friends, and I can’t wait to see the result of everyone’s hard work. There is also a film titled Breakdown... which I wrote! So I’m particularly looking forward to seeing someone’s adaptation of my script.
We also shot the latest episode of SpaLife TV this week. It will be ready in a week or so, and I’ll update you when it is. We’ve made a couple of changes to the format; I’m now more of a presenter as well as a reporter. This means I get to introduce and set up clips in between the different parts of the show, as well as holding interviews with the presidential team, etc. In the next episode I’ll be talking to a second year student who is helping run a Body Gossip campaign here in Bath. It’s a little like The Vagina Monologues, but the stories focus of body image and are from real students at Bath Spa. It sounds really interesting, the tickets are free and you should definitely have a look when the next SpaLife TV comes out.
I’ve just received a confirmation letter from Parthenon Entertainment, informing me that I will have one week work experience with them in July! This will be a fantastic opportunity for me, I’ll get to spend the week shadowing one of the top production companies of Wildlife and Documentary shows in the UK. Luckily for me they have a base in Bristol, as well as London and... and so I’ve been able to snap up this fantastic opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed working on my own short films, and being in front the camera, so this will be a great chance to see how things work behind the scenes in the real world. Parthenon Entertainment is a really interesting and successful company; I don’t think I could have asked for a better film oppotunity.
I’ve also got an interview this week for another work experience placement. This one is for a publishing house, and again luckily they have a base in Bristol as well as London and North Carolina, USA. They specialise in academic books around the subjects of pop culture, film, media and visual arts. It couldn’t possibly be more up my street! If my interview is successful, I’ll gain a four week placement. This again will provide me with invaluable experience and I know I’ll really enjoy learning from such a fantastic company.
It’s almost the end of my second year at Bath Spa, and so things are getting serious. I hope that with my strong academic qualifications, work experience and my activities outside of university, I’ll stand apart from many other people my age trying to get into their chosen careers. Although I love at Bath Spa, and in theory would like to stay for a long, long time, I’m also really excited about starting my professional career. I’m determined, enthusiastic and confident that I’ll end up where I want to be.You’d employ me, wouldn't you? I promise I won't wear my pink skinny jeans to the office.


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